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  • Bloc Productions is a print and video production company based in Shanghai and Beijing. Our specialty lies in China where our team of multilingual producers have produced hundreds of print, editorial and video campaigns for a wide range of commercial and editorial clients over the last decade.

    For Chinese and Asian clients we have a wealth of experience providing tailor made solutions on a per project basis. We believe China is not always the best place to produce a campaign and we can suggest solutions in different cities and countries across the world that may be a better fit for a project both from creative and budget perspective. Past examples have included shooting Chinese celebrities on location in the North of Japan to escape celebrity fans they would encounter in China, shooting winter in June on Icelandic glaciers or shooting 15 different nationalities in a studio in New York.

    Our clients include: Adidas, Apple, BMW, Biotherm, Braun, Burberry, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Dior, Dulux, Durex, Garnia, Ice Dew, GAP, Goretex, Gillette, Head and Shoulders, Hoegaarden, Huawei, Li Ning, Landrover, L’Oreal, Lux, Maybelline, Me & City, Motorola, Nike, Olay, Old Navy, Pantene, Pepsi, Ponds, Puma, Sands Casinos, Septwolves, Sephora, SKII, Sony Ericsson, Sprite, Standard Charter, World Gold Council.

    Editorially Cosmopolitan, Grazia China, Grazia France, GQ China, Harpers Bazaar China, Modern Weekly, Numero China, Vogue China, Vogue US.

    Advertising clients include BBH, BBDO, DDB, Draft FCB, Grey, JWT, Leo Burnett, Mccann, Ogilvy, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA,W+K, Y&R.

  • 博一堂是一家平面摄影及电影广告制作公司。立足中国,公司在北京和上海设有办事处。作为一个精通多国语言的制作团队,专注中国业务发展的我们服务于多个领域的商业及期刊项目,在过去的十年间已执行数以百计的平面拍摄及电影广告。


    博一堂的客户涵盖阿迪达斯、苹果、宝马、碧欧泉、博朗、巴宝莉、香奈儿、迪奥、可口可乐、多乐士、杜蕾斯、Garnia、冰露、GAP、戈尔特斯、吉列、海飞丝、福佳白、华为、李宁、路虎、欧莱雅、力士、美宝莲、Me & City、摩托罗拉、耐克、玉兰油、Old Navy、潘婷、百事可乐、旁氏、彪马、澳门金沙、七匹狼、丝芙兰、SKII、索尼爱立信、雪碧、渣打、世界黄金协会。



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